29 Ways to Stay Creative

Very Nice Video, I Love It

Simon Witton

[Refence: 29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE on Vimeo on Vimeo]

I really enjoyed watching this video. It made me consider my own practice and how to improve upon it; that can’t be a bad consequence. Its amazing how much about staying creative isn’t actually about working practice at all, its about lifestyle. Its about your personality: taking risks, being adventurous and visiting new places.

An interesting point in the video is about taking breaks and getting lots of rest. Something that we all wish we could do more of. But, as we all know, its hard to think outside the box and be creative when you can barely think at all! Some of the best ideas come when you aren’t expecting it, mid-shower or when you’re just about to fall to sleep. Really inconvenient times! Letting an idea breathe can do it the world of good, can do you…

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