I’m Mariam Almulla an Artist and a graphic designer. I was always interested about graphic design, so I wanted to be a graphic designer to send my ideas and messages through my work. I have been interested in editing personal photography on my computer and printing them. In addition, when I was young I liked to make crafts and I spent all my free time working on crafts and searching new things and that’s affect my work today and gave me a good experience. I also love to sew and make my own fashion. I can say that I’m a handmade stuff lover. I also have a passion to cards making and packaging.

Talking about my style, I’m a pattern attractive person, I love to look and create patterns out of any thing I see. In addition, I’m interested in Islamic Art and ornament design as well as Arabic calligraphy and I like to add these elements to my work because it shows my Arabic identity. I also love the artistic style that can be seen as a fine art work.


One thought on “About

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post of the photo, Taj Mahal. I also love crafts and art, color, patterns, trees and textures. I also make my own line of cards. Here are my samples: http://www.etsy.com/cardtales.com. I send this link just for you to see my work..this is not an advert!

    Peace. The Lioness (aka Judith)

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