Dubai T-shirt


Dubai Graphic Encyclopedia and BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook

Today I bought these books and I would like to share my first impression about them

I will write about the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook First

The book start by a very basic starting point for any one who didn’t sew before and ends with patterns and other variation to make from the pattern

it gives suggestion about the sewing studio¬† and supply’s

This chapter is about how to trace the pattern and how to measure yourself

and the patterns in the book and how to customize them as I skim through the book I think that to customize any pattern it is better to have it more basic and I also think that the variation available in the book are really similar except for the coat

this chapter focus on how to choose the fabric , how to prepare the fabric for cutting, sewing a seam and finishing

the next chapter is about sewing the skirt, their is three style of skirt

and three style of blouse

three dress style

three coat style

and finally the bag chapter

Now lets show you the Dubai Graphic Encyclopedia I really recommend this book for any designer working in Dubai because it include many visuals around Dubai and it come with a CD to make it easier for people to use it so I LOVE THIS BOOK





Dress Sewing

I got this fabric from the store and I was thinking what I can do with it

the fabric looks like an indian style, so I thought of a tunic dress, I was looking at Built by Wendy Dresses book and thinking which pattern can I choose from it for this fabric

So I thought of a shift dress as the best option for me

So I start with tracing the original pattern

Pin it to the fabric and marking it

cutting the fabric

Sew it and finish it and finally done