Handmade book:

In this artwork I want to show the beauty and the meaningful meaning of our literature and I want to show literature in a simple beautiful way to make people enjoy reading these simple lines. I’m interested in some Arab poets like Mahmoud Darwish, and Abdulwahab Albayaty. I choose some parts of their poem that I like and I used some quotes. I also used patterns in my artwork to make the work look interesting. I used different color Inkjet backgrounds to give the work more elegant look.

My self portrait:

Acrylic on canvas

Abstracted Identity

My theme in this painting is based on how we are influenced by other cultures, so our identity seems to be abstract. Because of globalization and the open boundaries between counties, we seem to be a mix of cultures and our real identity is not clear and abstract.
I created this work because it let us think of our real identity and how we need to focus to really see it. Also this work shows that our identity is in danger, because there is moving parts from the face to the outside and that shows how the identity is breakout into separate parts.
I think that not all of audience will recognize that this painting is a face, and might take some time to really recognize that this is a face.
Hena Cross Boundaries

Photo Manipulation

My concept in this manipulation is to show that our traditional Hena has cross many boundaries until it comes to us.

Photo Studio

This is a photography project. It is a photomontage. The theme was to show how the desert is changing in the UAE and that in the future we might not have a desert at all. Created the photo to look like a photo studio setup that will be in the future. Because there will be no desert, studios will have the desert background, so people can sit and have their picture as they were sitting in the desert.

Mobile Sculpture

Wire and Founded Material

My theme in this sculpture is based on using alternative materials that are found everywhere and it shows one shape in many different patterns. It is showing things that we see in our everyday life. For the viewer I think that this sculpture might look very familiar to them because they see these patterns in their everyday life and everywhere. I also want people to know that they can do many interesting things with alternative and recycled materials.
I use bristle paper with scrap/founded paper in this sculpture because it is the most suitable thing I can use to crate this icosahedrons shape and it shows the visual element on it in an interesting way. I also used wood strips and wire to crate a mobile that can be seen in the ceiling. Balance is very important in this sculpture, because it is a mobile and it should have an equal balance so the sculpture won’t fall. The sculpture is divided into many mobiles that are different in size to crate a rhythm for the viewer eye.

Childhood self portrait

Screen print and colored pencil

Typographic Portrait

etching and colored pencil

This is a printmaking edition. It shows my name in a floral design frame and Islamic pattern background. This artwork shows the cross cultural between Islamic art and other cultures.


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