Graphic Design

Board Game


12 Kharareef characters are lost in present environments: under water, overwater, urban, desert, oasis and mountain.
The journey starts from under water and characters have to reach the grey hole that will led them back to their time. The characters doesn’t have any power in the present and they cannot scare anyone, because people know that they are just “Kharareef” and they are not real.
Also the characters represents the Emirati Horoscopes and players will play according to the Horoscope they are born in and they will have the personality of their Horoscope. On the board will be some symbols for the questions and for the power that the players have to take.


UAE Logo

Mhalabia Recipe

As The Saying goes/ Handmade Binding Book 


The Date Annual Festival

This is a Package design for the date annual festival. It is an invitation design that takes the form of a package and it take the pyramid shape.


Arabic Calligraphy CD Package



This is an accordion CD Package for the six main Arabic calligraphy styles.


Internship in the Department of Culture and Information

Certificate Design

Calendar Design



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