Typography Poem Poster series

These are three posters for an Arabic poem. The letters shape shows the meaning of each line in the poem.


Giving Without Waste Campaign

Giving Without Waste is a campaign that aims to arise awareness about gift giving and how gifts are affecting our environment by increasing the amount of waste we have. I decide to show the giving hand in my logo to show the important of giving and showing the leaves as a recycle symbol to show that we can give without making waste. I choose the green and blue for the logo colors, because they are the earth colors and I want to show that we should save the earth by our giving. The campaign will show how to give meaningful gifts for our friends and family without increasing the amount of waste on earth. Also this campaign will promote the idea of giving nothing physical but emotional. In addition, the campaign will arise the awareness of the emotional meaning of gifts. The campaign will target UAE people on new gift giving since they waste for giving gifts.


Training in the Department of Human Resources


No Accident Campaign


3 thoughts on “Posters

  1. Very nice work.

    Is this your first blog? I don’t see many comments here, but you’re clearly a gifted artist.

    I dropped in to check out your blog, because you took a look at mine (Secret Pal Gifts).

    • Hi
      No this is not my first blog I have older blogs but this is the one that I keep updating. I start this blog on Dec 2011 so it is new this is why you don’t see many comments here.
      Thanks for dropping by my blog

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